About Us

During the 50's, it was a common sight on Penang Wellesley (Market Street) to see a hardworking young man carrying bundles of clothes on a pole for sale. This young man, Kok Sooi Chow, has later became the pioneer of the "Falcon". He was a hardworking, honest and thrifty young man.

During the 60's, he managed to transform his fashion designed clothes to school uniform after observing a need in the market. Later in year 1964, the "Falcon" brand was established to cater to this niche market.

Today, Perniagaan Tacsin Sdn. Bhd. has over 50 years of experience in uniform manufacturing. Our goods are distributed to most of the school uniform specialty stores and retail chain stores throughout Malaysia.

Recently, we have shifted to a larger operation area of around 100,000 sq ft to cater to the increasing demand of school uniform. We have expanded our line of products that includes kindergarten uniform, societies and school uniform from primary school, secondary up to university level. We have constantly upgraded our production line to fulfill the various needs in the market, which includes professional uniform such as doctor's coat, nurse's uniform and etc.

Mission & Quality

We have progressively upgraded our quality system to provide quality product for our valued customers. In the present, we have built a sound reputation as a quality driven company.

In order to maintain our quality, we have invested in the latest machinery and highly skilled workforce. Furthermore, constant trainings are given to our workers.

True to the spirit of a "Falcon", we strive to achieve higher and better yield without fail. We are confident in continuing this tradition successfully well in the future.